Sunday, November 4, 2007

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Trick or Treat!!

I love Halloween. I love the kids all dressed up and looking sooo cute! I love the fun parties! I love that the weather is getting cooler! I love all the decorating! I loved it when I was a kid too. I was lucky to grow up in a ward that had really fun Halloween parties. Tons of booths, food, a cake walk, a haunted house (primary rooms), we decorated doors and went trick-or-treating down the halls. It was even fun as a YW because we got to run the booths and hang out with our friends, and make it so fun for all of the kids. I sure that is why I like it so much.
I love theme Halloween costumes for our family (I know I am a nerd). This year we were Robin Hood (the cartoon). Justin was Robin Hood (of course) Tyson was Little John, Alexa was Maid Marion, Chelise was Hiss (the snake) and I was Prince John. John does not like to dress up but he is always a good sport when the kids ask him to dress up with them; so he was the Sheriff of Nottingham (simple costume). Somehow I didn't get a pic of him- how did that happen??!! The kids had a great time. They really love to dress up. (Alexa dresses up everyday so it's not really out of the ordinary for her- but she loves it anyway). We went to our ward party on Tues. and Justin got his face painted and did not want to wash it off. So... he went to school the next day with a ghost on one cheek and a jack-o-lantern on the other! And on Wed. we went trick or treating in our neighborhood, babies in tow. When we got home he dumped out all of the candy on the table and said "mom! I'm rich!!" I love Halloween.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Is that the Blue one or the Pink one?

Alexa was so funny when we brought the babies home from the hosptial she kept asking "mom, is that the blue one or the pink one?" It took a few weeks before she would call them by their names.

And the first time she saw me nurse them she exclaimed "mom!! are they eating your stomach????" I thought for a minute and then said "yes, yes they are." I didn't want to give her any terms, even the technical names, because she is such a chatty box she is sure to tell someone somewhere at the wrong time and I prefer to minimize all embarrassment. So for now she calls them Mom's milk, and that is term I can live with.


Sorry no pics, but I had to tell this story. The other day I ran some errands (with my little shopper Alexa) it was mostly odds and ends and take backs, ect. Well after a bit- I was tired, it was late and I was just running from store to store. I ran out of time to get to ALL of the places I wanted to go so I rearranged my plans and headed to one last store (Michaels) before closing. We headed into the store and went straight for the ribbon- grabbed what I needed and then headed toward that back. Now, I don't know if it was because I was in a Michaels that I never go to, or because I was tried but, I could not remember what I was there for. I had the ribbon but that was just a little thing and not the reason for the trip. I walked up and down the aisle's of the store and... nothing. Suddenly the 5 minute warning came and I started to stress. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THERE FOR???? Nothing was coming to me. I hardly ever get out so this was my chance to get what I needed and I seriously could not remember. I was hoping as I walked the aisle's that something would trigger my memory, but alas the final call came and I still had no idea! I left feeling frustrated and disappointed. We have all had the experience where we walk into a room or closet and can't remember what we are doing there so we have to go back to where we started. But in the end I usually remember. Sure enough the minute I walked in the door and sat down I remembered!
I seriously feel a little "dumber" after each kid so I guess with twins I am twice as dumb! Yikes!
(just in case you were wondering what it was that I wanted- it was a stencil for Alexa's room and no I still haven't gotten it! ha ha.)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Please don't feed the bears!

Feeding time at our house is crazy. Between the older two and the babies, sometimes I feel like all I do all day long is feed and clean-up food (not to mention change diapers and clean the rest of the house!!) At first it took FOREVER to feed Tyson and Chelsie but they have gotten much
better and faster at the eating thing. Now they just want MORE! They are so funny to watch as they taste things that they don't like- they gag. John says "oh they don't like that"- I say "they will!!" and I just keep feeding it to them. And the more I feed them the bigger they get! It is incredible!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Angels coming in pairs!!

I cannot believe how many people are having or have had twins! It is quite a phenomenon! We were the 14 set before the ward split- and there is still 7 or so. Growing up I knew a set of identicals and a set of boy/girl fraternals. In middle school there was a set of triplets. And in High School a set of fraternal girls- and that was it! Now I know tons of people with twins, & everyone I know, know several people with twins. I figure Heavenly Father is trying to get His children here faster- so they are coming in multiples!! Watch out if you are trying to get pregnant there might be a "surprise" in store for you too!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Mom, Can I play in the mud?

When the babies where first born we got a little swing set for Justin and Alexa to play on. I would watch them from the window while I was nursing the babies. They had lots of fun talking to me through the window and telling me to "watch this mom". As it began to get warmer I told them I couldn't open the window but I would still watch them through it. One day Alexa asked if they could play in the mud. I was tired and I only half heard her. I heard myself say "sure sweetie". (I think I said that alot!) It took me a while before I realized what she had asked me. (sleep deprivation does that to me). I couldn't see them from the angle I was at so after I finished feeding the babies I went to check on them and this is what I found...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My little Alexa

Alexa is 3 and a sweet as can be. She is extra polite and is always giving hugs and kisses. She is really fun to be around. She loves shoes!! And she loves to dress up and some of her outfits are hilarious. She especially loves her princess outfits and this ballerina costume that Grandma got for her when she was in town. She loves the camera and is always asking to have her picture taken. So does her bro Justin. It's a good thing though- cause I have gotten some great pics. She went shopping with me the other day and we were there forever. she was soo good. I was surprised. She sat in her stroller and went from store to store with me without a complaint. As long as we occasionally went on the escalator (alligator as she calls it) she was happy. It got late and she still went along. We finally stopped for dinner 2 hours after we normally have dinner. Seriously!! I had to find a new shopping buddy since my sis lives so far away. (sad)

Justin's First Day of Kindergarten

Here's Justin on his first day of school (with Alexa peeking around his folder). He loves it! Everyday he asks if he gets to go to school. Saturday was hard to explain at first! When he came home after the first day I asked how his day was he ran around in circles telling me all of the fun stuff he did. It was so cute. He also gives me what I like to call the "naughty report" he tells me who made bad choices that day and what they did. He cracks me up. I worried at first that he would like it at first and then be sick of it and want to stay home. well no such he called from the other room "do I have school today." when i told him that he did I could hear him say "Yes!!" I am so glad that he likes school. His teacher is great. And he is learning soooo much. I tell him to stop getting so smart! He just smiles at me.