Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thunderbirds- Thunderbirds- THUNDERIRDS!

Here are the Thunderbirds!

Saturday we took our family to the Luke Airforce Base to see the Thunderbirds! It was amazing! We got to look through lots of airplanes and sit in the Helicopters! Justin was in Heaven! We got there bright and early (8:30) and looked through planes til the show started at 11:30. The had soooo many shows. I didn't know there would be so many- the Thunderbirds didn't fly til 3:00!! But we got to see the new F-22, it was like a rocket! It flew backward! And it was soooooo loud. Then there was this suped up helicopter that could do flips and rolls. The old school war planes were really really cool. They didn't have raidos just hand signals! And they had smoke come out their exhaust. They also had a stunt plane that was crazy. It would make huge dives and fly way up then look like it was falling back down. The Thunderbirds were amazing and worth the wait. I wish we had time to meet the pilots but as it was well into the 90's and we were all burnt to a crisp (especially me- I am way to white to live in HOT AZ). Now I just need to print the pictures so Justin can plaster them all over his room!