Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How DO their minds work?

I have to give a little background to the conversation I has with Alexa yesterday. We took the kids to the park in the morning for some family fun. After lunch the babies went down for a nap and the older 2 wanted to go swimming. They have been buggin' me for months to go swimming and I keep trying to convince them that it is winter and against nature to swim in the winter. But they do not agree "the sun is out Mom!" So I decided I would take them while John was home to be with the sleeping babies. But I told them they were not aloud to drown because I did not want to get in. And away we went.
Only in Arizona in the middle of winter can you go swimming and enjoy it. Thanks Johnson Ranch for heating the pool! They had a great time and swam for an hour and a half! Seriously?!?!
Alexa (who gets cold easily) froze when she got out of the pool (I tried to tell them that it was winter!) Alexa asked through chattering teeth if she could take a WARM bath at home. "of course!"
After another 1/2 hour in the WARM bath I went to wash her hair and get her out. As I was washing her toes;
I said: "woah, you are VERY wrinkley!"
Alexa: "I know!"
Me: "what are we going to do?"
Alexa: "Hmm. I don't know"
Me: "maybe I should iron you"
Alexa "No mom, then I would be flat"

Never mind the burn, she doesn't want to be flat. I love the funny things kids say and think. Once my little bro wouldn't drink his water (at a resturant) because it came in a caraf (looks like a vase) At the end of dinner my brother asked my dad why the waitress brought them "flower water"? Ha, love it! feel free to leave a comment on the funny things your kids say!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Look Who's Two!

Their Birthday dinner was Mexican (their favorite) and John made a Cheesecake which they had fun blowing out and eating the strawberries off the top and a few bites. Plus I made some flan and the ate so of that too! SO dOuBle the the desserts for the twins!

way to go Chelsie, you get your wish! Tyson tried to put the fire out with his hands (no future fireman here!)

Well the two turned Two! Tyson and Chelsie turned 2 or Feb 1st! They are getting so big and mind's of their own which I am not sure I like! Chelsie and Tyson double team me all day long. Chelsie is talking (a little to well) and Tyson can do enough to let me know what he wants. They are so sweet and so crazy at the same time! I I love them so much and it has truely been an amazing experience to see them grow together and see even little babies become friends. We love that you both are part of our crazy family!

A few random things about Tyson
*he loves to ride bikes
*he loves cars (but wants them to stick together so i have tied a lot of them together with string)
*he is a pretty good sharer and will try to give Chelsie a toy when she wants what he has, and he shares his food and drinks with her
*he makes sound effects for the cars he drives. (so boy)
*he loves the park- especially the swings
*he has the funniest laugh
*he is a momma's boy and is always on my lap
*he is a sweet mellow little guy

*she is a feisty little thing and wants what she wants or throws a bit of a tantrum
*she loves shoes (especially Alexa's)
*she loves dresses (she even has a dress-up dress) and getting her hair done
*she brushed my hair with a brush she got for christmas and she is really good at it
* she loves baby dolls and barbies (already?)
*she loves to give hugs and kisses but if you don't watch out sometimes she gives licks (and totally cracks up)
*she has the funniest belly laugh on such a little girl
*she loves having books read to her (the same one over and over)

Happy Birthday Tyson and Chelsie. (here's hoping we make it through another year! Especially this one when I have 2 two-year-olds!)