Monday, November 10, 2008

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!

This year for Halloween we were Star Wars characters. Justin has been really into Star Wars and said he wanted to be Luke Skywalker so Alexa said "yeah I will be Princess Leia" and our theme was born. The Luke Skywalker costume was hard to find, so Justin ended up being Obi Wan (thanks mom for the costume). I made Alexa's costume from some white curtain fabric (without a pattern mind you). It was a little hard to get on b/c the fabric was so stiff (it probably needed a zipper) but it worked and that is the important part. Oh did I mention this was my first sewing project ever!!! (i know, that explains a lot)! Tyson was Darth Vader, Chelsie was Queen Amadala and I was Padme. I love dressing up and all the decorations at Halloween. We went to our ward Trunk'r'treat Thrusday, it is always fun to see all the amazing costumes and for the kids to see their friends. Trick or Treating in our neighborhood on Fri. Fun, Fun, Fun, not to mention another years worth of candy!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to my bro. Kendall

Kendall turned 19! shout horray! He is at BYUI and is getting ready to turn his mission papers. Happy Birthday Kendall!!!
here are some random Kendall facts:
1. Kendall loved to tell stories when he was younger. When began with "this one time" the were elaborate tales and very funny but never true!
2. Kendall has a funny sense of humor and always makes us laugh.
3. One year Kendall opened a bottle of shampoo for his one Christmas Eve present and exclaimed in dismay "shampoo???!!!!" we still get a good laugh out of that one!
4. He was the "favorite" child because of his red hair (until Travis came along!)
5. He loved playing soccer in high school and now plays on a rec team at BYUI.
6. In middle school he asked my mom if he could go by Kenny or Ken- she said no. (i think it is funny both that he asked and the she said no)
7. My nickname for him is Wendall. (i don't know why, but I have one for all of my sibs and my kids)
8. He is the most giving person- i love that about him.
9. He is a good and loyal friend.
10. He talked my mom into getting a dog when he was in HS. (my dad was/is totally against pets) she got it, he went off to school and the dog is still at home. There's irony for ya!
Happy Birthday! We love you!

Shout out to my cousin Brian and Bro-in -law Dave on their B-days

Sorry no pics for this one. I don't have any digitals and don't know how to scan the others yet. It is funny to have so many people born on NOV 1st!
Brian was one of my favorite cousins growing up. He lived in Idaho Falls (still does) so we didn't get to see each other much, but whenever we were up there for a visit- I spent every waking and sleeping minute with him. We would play all day and then all the kids would sleep on the trampoline in his backyard. It was a blast! We even went to Ricks (when it was called that) for a year together before he left on his mish. Good times!
1. Brian is the nicest person you will ever meet.
2. His room was SPOTLESS even in HS. I was amazed.
3. His "accident" stories are the funniest!
4. I would call his apt. at Ricks and leave singing messages
5. He drove me to the airport for my first ever plane trip. We almost died getting there (heading down the street with a big center divide) going the wrong direction is not a good idea!) and I was late. (and the whole time i was worried about the actual flight!)
I could go on and on, We have some great memories! Happy Birthday~ the big 3-0! YiKes! Love ya!

1. just the best Uncle- he loves all kids and they love him back
2. teases John (makes me laugh)
3. First Day Dave, sees almost every movie opening day- and is almost guaranteed to see most movies in the theater.
4. crazy driver (that is the truth)
5. He is anti-"rabbit food"and married Sarah who grew up mostly vegetarian. Ironic!
I am lucky to have great in-laws that I get along with and love. I wish I could post for all of them but there are a whole lot of them! But I am truely grateful for each and everyone! Have a great birthday Dave! We love ya!