Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So Sweet!

Tyson and Chelsie have a favorite blanket - it is the same blanket, one in blue and one in pink. Whenever we go into their room Tyson runs over to his crib and tries to pull it out through the slats. Sometimes he can get it but most of the time I have to get it for him. I aways change their diaper before naps and bed, and the only way to have Tyson hold still while I change him is to give him his blanket. The other day we went through the same routine. Get the blanket- change the diaper- then go get Chelsie for her turn. I layed her down and Tyson went and pulled her blanket out and brought it over to her. (The funny thing is sounded like he said "here-you-go!") So sweet- looking out for his little sis!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birthday Girl!

It's June 2nd and Alexa turned 4! She has been partying for days, thanks to her birthday twin Jacob (our neighbor who's birthday is the same day and year and about 10 min difference!) We went to Chuck E. Cheese sat. for Jacob's party (they got Alexa balloons and made her feel it was her party too) and she got to pick out a new bike for her birthday, and with her party coming up- she is a lucky girl! In keeping with tradition here are 10 things from the past year about Alexa.

1. she is a chatterbox!

2. she is loves to color but somehow it always ends up all over her arms and legs, sometimes even clothes and the wall get in the way!

3. she hides her eyes when she is doing something wrong and I catch her in the act.

4. she LOVES baths and often takes 2-3 a day! (and she will sneak into any unsuspecting persons bath!)

5. she loves to shop and goes with me every time. (even the all-day marathon shopping). whenever we get into the car she asks if we get to go to the store. since the answer is usually no she asks the rest of the way if we can "please" go to the store.

6. she gets jealous when John holds my hand or hugs me. She pushes him away or pries his hand out of mine and then sits between us to make sure he doesn't sneak a kiss! (now we do it on purpose and laugh b/c she does it everytime!)

7. she loves to sing and dance around the house- so cute.

8. she is known to wear swimsuit and/or ballerina leotards all day long ~fall, winter, spring, or summer!

9. she changes her clothes many many many times a day and i find a trail of clothes all over the house

10. she is a snuggley cuddley bug and gives me hugs and kisses all day long

Alexa is a sweet and funny girl, and she makes me laugh all day long (most of the time!) we have a great time together. And we are so grateful to have her as a part of our family. Happy Birthday Alexa, We Love You!