Sunday, October 5, 2008

That was no ANT!

Tuesday night (Sept. 30th) I was stung by a sCoRiOn on my baby toe in the kitchen when I was locking up the house. I went back to get a glass of water and I didn't turn the light back on. My first reaction was, 'I just got bit by an ant' (a big ant) but by the time I took the two steps to turn on the light I thought 'OWWW- That Was No Ant!' The little scorpion came running at me, the pain seared and I called for John to help. But he was sleeping and didn't hear me. So I ran and grabbed a shoe and killed the nasty little bugger. The affects were already taking over my leg. I crawled upstairs and woke up John. When he finally figured out what I was saying he ran downstairs to look for more (with the black light) He got me ice and water (since I never did get any) and some Advil. He brought the flashlight (blacklight) upstairs and shined it everywhere we went. It was a long night, but since I wasn't frothing at the mouth or experiencing blurred vision or paralysis (the symtoms to watch for!!!) I just hung out at home all night.
John has become the sCorPioN hUnTer! He has gone scorpion hunting every night since and has actually found a a lot of them- which really doesn't make me feel any better. But I guess at least there are less and less each night! SO if you see lights flashing around my yard, you'll know it is John on a hunt!
The blessings (in disguise); at least it was me and not one of my kids. And I would rather it be a scorpion, whose venom is a nuero-toxin (attacks the nerves) than a black widow or brown recluse whose bites are nasty with after effects that are nasty. Hense my acrachnophbia. Also I know a lot more about scorpions. (more than I ever wanted to!)

Happy Birthday Uncle Ricky!

My brother Eric turned the big 21 on Oct. 3rd. He is serving a mission in Denver Co. He is doing great and lovin' every minute. I am so proud of him and I love him and miss him tons.
Here are some fun facts:
1. I call him Ricky and my kids picked it up. It was a while before they realized his name was Eric.
2. Eric's alter ego when he was young was ZZhead, a name he gave himself. ZZhead displayed himself whenever Eric was hungry or tired!
3. Alexa couldn't say Ricky at first, so she called him "Rocky". He taught her to chant his name "ricky-ricky-ricky". Every once-in-a-while she will still give a Ricky chant.
4. Eric is an amazing baseball player.
5. He is an awesome artist (I am still waiting for my pictures- hint-hint)
6. He accidently memorized my musicals when I was in High School (not that he had a chance really) and he was like 9. The songs would get stuck in his head and drive him crazy. It was funny!
7. He is fun to be around and I like hanging out with him.
8. Eric loved candy when he was young and used to hide it all around his room. He could also be bribed with candy.(which sometimes came in handy)
9. He has a good eye and opinion about landscape and home intirior; color, furniture, layout, etc. Sorry future wife but Eric will definatley want a say in the home stuff!
10. He is a hardworker and a great missionary.
We love you and hope you had a great bIrThDaY!

Happy Birthday Justin!

Okay so I have some catching up to do!

Justin turned 6 on July 7th, and had a spy party. We had food, friends, spy training, and a spy cake. He had a great time.
Here are a few things about Justin: (keeping with tradition)
1. He LOVES airplanes and wants to be a pilot. (seriously every year he wants an airplane party and we watch the military channel for the planes- ever since he was 2 1/2, we have paper airplanes all over the house and lots and lots of toy airplanes and finally an airplane blanket that Grammie made him)
2. He loves to swim (good thing too b/c we live in the Valley of the Sun!)
3. He always wants to go somewhere and do something
4. He loves school
5. He loves going on bike rides (even in the blazing heat)
6. He is a great helper (when he wants to be) he empties the dishwasher and cleans his room on his own. When he is extra nice he will make Alexa's or my bed.
7. His favorite food is Korean and Pizza (not at the same time) and chocolate ice cream
8. His favorite movie right now is the Star Wars series. (I think it is all the flying- see #1)
9. His favorite colors are blue and red.
10. He is a Daddy's boy and follows him everywhere.
We Love Our Justin! Happy Birthday Buddy!