Sunday, November 4, 2007

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Trick or Treat!!

I love Halloween. I love the kids all dressed up and looking sooo cute! I love the fun parties! I love that the weather is getting cooler! I love all the decorating! I loved it when I was a kid too. I was lucky to grow up in a ward that had really fun Halloween parties. Tons of booths, food, a cake walk, a haunted house (primary rooms), we decorated doors and went trick-or-treating down the halls. It was even fun as a YW because we got to run the booths and hang out with our friends, and make it so fun for all of the kids. I sure that is why I like it so much.
I love theme Halloween costumes for our family (I know I am a nerd). This year we were Robin Hood (the cartoon). Justin was Robin Hood (of course) Tyson was Little John, Alexa was Maid Marion, Chelise was Hiss (the snake) and I was Prince John. John does not like to dress up but he is always a good sport when the kids ask him to dress up with them; so he was the Sheriff of Nottingham (simple costume). Somehow I didn't get a pic of him- how did that happen??!! The kids had a great time. They really love to dress up. (Alexa dresses up everyday so it's not really out of the ordinary for her- but she loves it anyway). We went to our ward party on Tues. and Justin got his face painted and did not want to wash it off. So... he went to school the next day with a ghost on one cheek and a jack-o-lantern on the other! And on Wed. we went trick or treating in our neighborhood, babies in tow. When we got home he dumped out all of the candy on the table and said "mom! I'm rich!!" I love Halloween.