Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy New Year

We went to Disneyland on New Years Day with my family. It was a blast. After all, Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth AND most of my family was there (except for my brother who is on his mission in CO.) We had a grand ol' time. Justin loved all of the "big" rides. After every ride he would say "that was awesome! can we go on it again!") His favorite ride was space mountian because we were flying on a rocket! ( he he got soaked on Splash Moutain (we had to change his shirt and wait for his pants to dry). Alexa loved the rides but would hide her eyes during any scary parts. My cousin Marisa, who works for Mr. Disney, got us VIP tix to the Aladdin show. It was really funny and the babies were pretty good for the show, which was lucky because we were down in the front (although we had an escape route all planned out just case)! Tyson and Chelsie were really very good and the fun was worth all the extra effort of having two babies in tow at Disneyland. The fireworks were cancelled (too much wind) which is sad because they have the most amazing fireworks show; but we took Alexa over to FantasyLand and she had an absolute ball. It was great because all of the kids had gone home so we were able to walk on to most of the rides. Her favorite ride was the carousel. She said "we were on the horsies like Mary Poppins! right mom!" So Fun!

computer illiterate

so i tried to add all the pretty paper and embellishment to my blog (thanks melissa for the online tutorial) but i dont know how to make the header picture so cute. and as i was playing around with it i just kept making it worse and worse. so that is why the header looks lame and now i cant get the words off without making it worse. (any help would be appriciated). but i am proud that i actually got the paper thing right. it was scary even with the tutorial. but then again i cant even figure out how to send a forward or mass email- i know i really am computer illiterate!! but i like the new look! (thanks to shabby princess for the cute paper!)