Friday, February 29, 2008


This has been a bit of a rough winter for us. Especially this whole month of February aka Black February! we started the month out by taking turns with some form of the respritory flu. It wasn't too bad we were still able to mostly function. But then we got hit with the most horrible flu or bronchitis? who knows. but it was horrible. john started us off and each day someone would wake-up sick. I got it monday night (18th). I was fevering and just plain dying. I was up all night every night with one or two of the kids. Tuesday was the worst of it for me- I honestly couldn't move. Poor John had to help feed kids and hold one of the sick babies. Nobody in my house moved for a week!! Justin missed school for the first time this year (and what a weird feeling to have to call my kid in sick for the first time!) He ended up missing 5 days total. We watched practically every movie we own- to keep the kids occupied. We were all drugged on any medication we could find and we just layed on the couches covered in blankets. No one felt like eating so we barely ate for a week. And thank goodness for friends who would bring over food because I couldn't get up long enough to make anything. I have never been so sick with the flu- EVER! Other sicknesses like strep yes but the flu? no. This the worst I have ever seen. To take out a family of six within a week. I am still not better and if I move too much I start sweating- no to mention I ach and can't breathe and my head just throbbs. Okay this is way to long of a post for illness but I just can't believe the killer strength of this flu! (maybe if I was able to rest I would get better faster- but so it goes in the life of a mother!)