Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My little Alexa

Alexa is 3 and a sweet as can be. She is extra polite and is always giving hugs and kisses. She is really fun to be around. She loves shoes!! And she loves to dress up and some of her outfits are hilarious. She especially loves her princess outfits and this ballerina costume that Grandma got for her when she was in town. She loves the camera and is always asking to have her picture taken. So does her bro Justin. It's a good thing though- cause I have gotten some great pics. She went shopping with me the other day and we were there forever. she was soo good. I was surprised. She sat in her stroller and went from store to store with me without a complaint. As long as we occasionally went on the escalator (alligator as she calls it) she was happy. It got late and she still went along. We finally stopped for dinner 2 hours after we normally have dinner. Seriously!! I had to find a new shopping buddy since my sis lives so far away. (sad)

Justin's First Day of Kindergarten

Here's Justin on his first day of school (with Alexa peeking around his folder). He loves it! Everyday he asks if he gets to go to school. Saturday was hard to explain at first! When he came home after the first day I asked how his day was he ran around in circles telling me all of the fun stuff he did. It was so cute. He also gives me what I like to call the "naughty report" he tells me who made bad choices that day and what they did. He cracks me up. I worried at first that he would like it at first and then be sick of it and want to stay home. well no such he called from the other room "do I have school today." when i told him that he did I could hear him say "Yes!!" I am so glad that he likes school. His teacher is great. And he is learning soooo much. I tell him to stop getting so smart! He just smiles at me.