Sunday, April 20, 2008

Busy Toothfairy!

Justin came home from school last friday with a necklace made out of dental floss and plastic in the shape of a tooth. I heard it tinkling as he walk in and I look over at him and asked "whatcha got there?" To which he replied "MY TOOTH!" What? no way? It wasn't very loose! But he showed me the gaping hole and sure enough it was missing. He pulled it out while he was working on his seatwork at school. I checked his other tooth (we usually check when we brush before bed and sure enough it wasn't very loose- just a little wiggle.) well of course the toothfairy came to our house and exchanged some goodies and $$ for his first little tooth. He was sooooo excited and showed at 6:30 saturday morning that she had in fact come! We all got up and began our chores and I hear him say "oh-oh". I look over and his other tooth was now hanging by a thread. He said "oh, what should I do" and I said "well pull it out!" and he did!! So the toothfairy had to come back to our house two nights in a row! I really don't know how he got them out- that is determination!!