Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How DO their minds work?

I have to give a little background to the conversation I has with Alexa yesterday. We took the kids to the park in the morning for some family fun. After lunch the babies went down for a nap and the older 2 wanted to go swimming. They have been buggin' me for months to go swimming and I keep trying to convince them that it is winter and against nature to swim in the winter. But they do not agree "the sun is out Mom!" So I decided I would take them while John was home to be with the sleeping babies. But I told them they were not aloud to drown because I did not want to get in. And away we went.
Only in Arizona in the middle of winter can you go swimming and enjoy it. Thanks Johnson Ranch for heating the pool! They had a great time and swam for an hour and a half! Seriously?!?!
Alexa (who gets cold easily) froze when she got out of the pool (I tried to tell them that it was winter!) Alexa asked through chattering teeth if she could take a WARM bath at home. "of course!"
After another 1/2 hour in the WARM bath I went to wash her hair and get her out. As I was washing her toes;
I said: "woah, you are VERY wrinkley!"
Alexa: "I know!"
Me: "what are we going to do?"
Alexa: "Hmm. I don't know"
Me: "maybe I should iron you"
Alexa "No mom, then I would be flat"

Never mind the burn, she doesn't want to be flat. I love the funny things kids say and think. Once my little bro wouldn't drink his water (at a resturant) because it came in a caraf (looks like a vase) At the end of dinner my brother asked my dad why the waitress brought them "flower water"? Ha, love it! feel free to leave a comment on the funny things your kids say!


Gina said...

I love that story...kids are so funny. Remember when Travis' leg would fall asleep and he would be waking weird and we'd say what's wrong with you and he would say "My leg is tickling me!" he he. So funny. I used to watch the show "Kids say the darnest thing" (or something like that) they have canceled it now, but I would crack up! Almost as bad as our "Funniest Home Videos" laughter!!

Katie J. Layton said...

Kessa says things every day. She says things so much that if I don't write them down then I forget. Well, I forget many other things too. Alexa is soooo cute! Well, all your kids are adorable. Thank you for always being so sweet to me. You really do have such a sweet testimony and personality. You are beautiful too.

Tiffini said...

Last week Laci asked me to put on Princess Music. She tried to explain to me that it was on Tom and Jerry, but I thought all she wanted to do was watch Tom and Jerry. When she told me no, she wanted Princess Music. I had to tell her, Sorry. I don't know what Princess Music is.

Later that day, I turned on classical music. She ran up to me so excited, "Mom, Princess Music."

So now, classical music is called Princess Music. Laci loves to put on a dress with her church shoes and dance to it.

The Coons Family said...

That is absolutely hilarious! My baby girl isn't talking yet, but can't wait til she does.

Natalie said...

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