Friday, January 23, 2009

HuMptY DuMptY

Alexa is my most accident prone child (so far) although Tyson has had his fair share in his short 2 years. (so it might be a race between the two of them). Alexa falls a ton and usually pops up and says "I'm okay!" Bruises frequent her legs and at least once a day she does something to need a kiss. When she was little she made me kiss whatever was hurt and sometimes it was things I did not want to kiss (once she bit her tounge and I was not going to kiss that- sorry) I used to kiss my had and tap her bum (and tounge or whatever) if it needed a kiss. She got to the point where she would kiss her own hand and tap whatever place got the ouchie. It was funny. So far the major ones have been 2 black eyes (same eye, two years apart almost to the day! aNd It ruins my plans for family pictures every time!) and she cut her head open. Chelsie (my little feisty one) attacks Alexa often, hence all of the scratches on her face- poor girl, I hope the scares eventually fade.


Tiffini said...

oh, poor alexa! she is so beautiful jera - actually, all of your kids are beautiful!

hope it heals quickly!

Gina said...

Man, you are a blogging maniac lately... 3 posts in one month... are you feeling okay?! haha I miss my little Lula girl. She cracks me up because she jumps up and says she's okay, until she realizes what hurts and then she starts to cry/whine! so funny!

Tilleea said...

poor girl! That is crazy how much those bruisers look alike.

So I forgot to email you an invitation and don't have your email address anymore. You can email me at and I'll send you an invite. Sorry!

And I'm so sad that your not my vter anymore. ;(